The Fireplace


The fireplace can be a center attraction in any room.  There are many fantastic styles of fireplaces that will help heat your room while being stylish.   There are electric and gas fireplaces and wood burning fireplaces, each with their own value.  However, what your fireplace says about your style is specific to only you.  You may like a rustic fireplace with stone or a unique natural wood fireplace.  If you prefer a more traditional look, your mantel might be carved wood or marble. If you prefer the clean modern lines for a more contemporary look, your fireplace may be leveraging flat surfaces like tile.   Some new contemporary designs for fireplaces are also on the market today that focus on gas flames in a style reflective of clean lines and ones that could act as an artwork on a wall.  Woodheat based in Quakertown, PA offers some of these comtempary style fireplaces.

Why Work With an Interior Designer?

Have an idea of what you want your interiors to look like but are overwhelmed by where to start?  There are thousands of choices and decisions to be made: carpet or hardwood, paint or wallpaper, bronze or silver.  What furniture or appliance will fit in my space, give me the look I want, and perform like I need?  Working with an interior designer will help you tackle these questions faster and with greater confidence.  Experienced designers bring years of design education, training and exposure to help you make informed decisions, avoid costly mistakes and make your interior all that you want it to be. Read More

Don’t Make These Remodeling Mistakes

Spring time is fast-approaching, and with it comes DIY projects. Just because it is cold and dreary out now doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be thinking about these upcoming projects. Take advantage of the fact that you will be indoors and do some brainstorming and prioritizing of the DIY projects you want to accomplish in 2012.

Zippy Shell recently published a blog highlighting The 4 Biggest Remodeling Mistakes that we thought was pretty insightful. Here’s what they found: Read More

Interior Paint Colors and What They Mean

Whether you are building and designing your own home or whether you are renovating your existing home, choosing the interior paint colors of each room can result in an emotional roller coaster. Sure, it can be a blast picking out your favorite colors and brainstorming what colors to paint each room, but it can get down right stressful too! It’s not exactly  an easy fix if you get done painting a room and decide it’s not quite right.

With that being said, you should know what each color means and what it might portray to your visitors. We found this great list from Warm Interiors to help give you an idea:

Light blue
Lighter shades of blue are associated with cleanness and the natural flow of water. That is why there are many different places that you can put them on. One of the ideal places that you can use this paint color on is the bathroom. Read More

Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

Sprucing up the exterior of your home adds incredible value not only to those driving and walking by, but also to your own standard of living. Stress goes down when you know your home is in the best shape, and looks the best that it can. You have the freedom to relax on your weekends instead of fretting about how to make your home more livable. Better Homes and Gardens, a great resource for all things home related, has a great list of easy-to-do projects. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Create symmetry — Arrange your outdoor lighting fixtures and potted plants symmetrically. This instantly and easily adds some beauty to your home. Read More