Ep 011 – How to Manage Rental and Vacation Homes

Posted: March 17, 2022

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Many homeowners are investing in vacation homes or rental properties. And because they are investing in owning multiple homes, they have added concerns. We are going to talk about these additional concerns and what you need to do in order to successfully manage more than one home. Listen as we discuss maintenance schedules, the benefits of hiring a property manager, and the importance of a home inventory.

● [01:27] Beth’s experience with managing more than one home
● [04:43] What is a home inventory and why is it important for vacation and long-term rental properties
● [06:32] Maintenance schedules to be aware of and how different climates impact properties
● [12:09] How important is it to hire a property manager and what are the benefits
● [17:39] Key items to consider with selling your vacation home or rental property
● [21:03] How HomeZada helps with managing multiple homes
● [27:08] Action items: property managers and home maintenance


● Take a home inventory of your house before renters come in and then after or between long-term renters.
● Two benefits of hiring a property manager: 1) they can be on location to attend to issues in a timely manner 2) property managers generally have a network of contractors and or service providers that they regularly use for regular maintenance and those one off situations that are timely.
● HomeZada makes multi-home management so much easier, more comprehensive and it centralizes all of your important data in one easy to navigate location.




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