How to Make a Special Reading Nook for Your Child

How to Make a Special Reading Nook for Your ChildNow that the kids are back in school and your household routine is back to “normal”, your kids are probably already coming home with assigned reading tasks.

But with the constant allure of the television, computer and video games, it can be hard getting them to sit down and actually read their books. Read More

How to Make Your Home Pet Friendly

How to Make Your Home Pet FriendlyPeople love their pets…and for good reason.

They give us many years of joy and are wonderful, caring, loyal companions. Easily worming their way into our hearts, never to be forgotten. Read More

5 Ways To Make Your Neighbors Jealous Of Your Backyard

You work hard to take care of your lawn and garden.

From mowing and weed-eating, to clipping and pulling weeds, there’s a lot that goes into making a beautiful landscape. So why shouldn’t you have a little fun with all of that hard work and do some things that will make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood? Read More