Small Kitchen Appliance Organizing Ideas

Small Kitchen Appliance Organizing Ideas
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Small kitchen appliances are every cook’s best friend. They can make everyday cooking tasks faster and easier to do.

But many kitchen appliances are also notorious space hogs.

Sure, you can push them back in a corner of your countertop or even inside one of your kitchen cupboards, but what if you have a small kitchen?

5 Ideas to Fill an Awkward Space

5 Ideas to Fill an Awkward Space
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We all have them.

Those annoying, empty little awkward spaces that tend to stick out like a sore thumb the minute you walk into the room.

Or is that just me?

Either way, many of us have these kinds of empty corners, wall spaces, etc. that beg to be used.

How to Maintain an Energy-Efficient Home in All Seasons

How to Maintain an Energy-Efficient Home in All Seasons

Even when the world seems chaotic, you can find peace-of-mind by controlling your own little corner of the world — your home. Whether it’s a major renovation or creating a tropical paradise in your backyard, maintaining and updating your home is financially and emotionally rewarding. Home energy updates also help ease financial worries. The less you spend to run your home each money, the more financial cushion you have. And there’s plenty of money to be saved.

Organizing Tools for Small Family Rooms

Next to kitchens, family rooms are one of the best places for families to get together, share what’s happening in their lives, and spend some good, quality time together.

But if your family room is tiny, it can be a constant source of frustration trying to keep it looking halfway decent.

How to Set Up Individual Learning Spaces when Homeschooling Multiple Ages

You probably decided to homeschool, at least partly, because of the freedom it offers you. Freedom to decide the curriculum you’re teaching your children. And the freedom to pass on your family values.

This means you also have the freedom to decide when, where, and how you’ll teach your children. (assuming, of course, you abide by the homeschool laws in your state)

And if you’re new to homeschooling you might have discovered that Pinterest is a great place to find ideas.