How to maintain a tankless water heater

If you’ve ever enjoyed a long, hot shower without the fear of running out of hot water, you might have a tankless water heater to thank. 

These handy devices offer endless hot water, improved energy efficiency, and a space-saving design. But, like any appliance, they need regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly and extend their lifespan.

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5 Easy Steps to Unclog Your Kitchen Sink with a Drain Snake

If you’ve ever faced a clogged sink full of water, you quickly realize how central your kitchen sink is to your home’s operation.

Instead of letting that water sit and creating a mess, you can take matters into your own hands. If those liquid drain cleaners aren’t doing the job, the next step is physically removing the plug: a drain snake.

A drain snake is a simple and affordable solution that can help you avoid the inconvenience and cost of calling a plumber. Let’s explore how you can efficiently unclog your kitchen sink with a drain snake.

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The Hidden Costs of Maintaining Unique Products

When you’re researching and looking for a new product for your home, there’s a hidden cost to owning that product that you might need to consider: maintenance. 

If an appliance goes wrong and is out of warranty (it’s like they know when the warranty expires, right?), you have a lot of new appliances in the marketplace to choose from.

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Natural Pest Control Treatments for a Healthier Home

If you’ve been battling bugs for a while, you’ve probably used commercial pest control solutions. However, there’s a better way to get your home back!

Natural pest control treatments offer a safe, effective, and eco-friendly solution to keep your home pest-free without compromising your family’s or the planet’s health.

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HomeZada’s Photo Recognition AI Transforms Home Repair & Improvement Knowledge

Every homeowner, but especially first-time homeowners, struggle with figuring out how to fix, repair, and manage remodel projects. HomeZada released the ability to perform AI recognition on any photo uploaded to a task or project. This helps homeowners get expert advice based on their specific photos of their home repair and remodel issues all at their fingertips by using photo recognition.

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