Cleaning is Just Not Fun! What’s a Girl to Do?

Cleaning-ServicesI recently had a conversation with my husband, a man I have been married to for over 15 years and surprisingly, he actually thought that I liked cleaning. LOL! Once I explained to him that cleaning is not at the top of my bucket list, but that the results of cleaning make me a very happy person, he started to understand what I actually valued. So this conversation lead to me requesting more of his help with this “not on the bucket list task”. So with that we came up with some reasons why cleaning is important and valuable to our household. Maybe some of these will also be important in your house.

The Results

First and foremost, the results of a clutter free, dirt free house look amazing! I love when everything is put away and the floors are vacuumed and the counters are sparkling.  I also love the the fact that when all our items are put away, I feel more organized and function a whole more efficiently then with items all over the place. A clean house is a like a great desk, when things are put away, I am more productive.

Our Health

Dirty houses bring germs, dirt, fur if you have pets, dropped food on the floor if you do not have pets, and other particles that can turn into bacteria which can ultimately make your sick. I like to breath effortlessly and have the energy I need while in my home. I cannot do this if I have a filthy home. I will inevitably get sick and then I make others around me sick. There is nothing pleasant when you are sick.

Extra Exercise

I appreciate my workouts and love that they give me more energy and keep me fit. When I clean, in the back of my head I am counting the calories burned so it gets me to work a little harder. Exercise can come in a lot of flavors and moving around while cleaning is like the Karate Kid …. “Wax on, Wax off”. Your muscles will move in places that you never thought possible.

My husband and I hope these tips bring you some enlightenment on cleaning and why it actually has value to you health, your mind and your happiness.