10 Tips for a Clean Home with Pets

cats_dogs_2Pets can be the apple of our eye and certainly become members of the family. However, pets like cats and dogs come with fur that shed and behavior patterns that are different than the human family members. Can we live with our pets and still keep a clean home? We can and here are some tips to help keep your home clean while living with your furry family members.

Vacuum and Sweep Often

If you have more than one pet or pets that shed quite a bit, it is good practice to vacuum your home often. Vacuuming at least once a week is good to avoid hair build up around your home. For hard surfaces, like tile or hardwood, you may not need to get the vacuum out every week and may be able to use a Swifter Read More

Choosing the Perfect Hardwood Flooring for your Home

Choosing the Perfect Hardwood Flooring for your Home2Choosing the right hardwood flooring options for your home can be crucial for the comfort and use of your place. Hardwood floors are common and popular enough so that you can find plenty of information on installation and maintenance. Installing hardwood flooring is a good do-it-yourself project that can be completed Read More

Managing Contacts in HomeZada

Have you ever needed that number of your plumber because a leak occurred and you needed it addressed immediately? Maybe you needed the phone number of your property manager at your vacation home or you needed the number of your alarm company in order to help shut off the alarm when you were out of town. For whatever reason you needed to find that specific contact information for you home providers, you need a system that can centralize this data.  HomeZada gives you the opportunity to track all your contacts associated for your home in one place and it simple and easy. Read More

Iconic TV Living Rooms – Infographic

Set designers are amazing as to how they create a room to envy by designers and homeowners. Some of the most popular television shows bring us living room designs that keep us transfixed and engaged in the show. In fact, some of these iconic TV living rooms are like characters that play a role in the story. Actors easily fit in and around the sets and these living rooms. You can probably relate to these rooms.

Some of Your Favorite Shows

You may even feel like they are a part of your own home. With these designs and TV living rooms, you can use the design elements to create a similar style. Who wouldn’t want the Married with Children’s comfy sofa or the quirky arrangement of the Friends rooms.  Even Frasier had a skyline view to remember. Or maybe going old school like the Brady Bunch is a fun plan for your living room space. Here are just a few TV living rooms that show us how times have changed. And show us how we engage in our living rooms. For more iconic living rooms, click on the infographic.  Read More

It is time to Air Out that House for Better Air Quality

air out homeSummer is coming to a close and air conditioning is no longer needed. But before we head into winter, when we close up our windows and turn on our heat, we have some time to air out our homes and get them smelling fresh and clean. Opening your windows and airing out your home can improve the air quality in your home. Along with these other tips you can have a fall filled with freshness.

Clean your Home

Air quality is also dependent upon a clean house. Cleaning your floors and vacuuming your carpets will remove the dirt from the areas. Dusting your furniture and your ceiling fans will remove the dust that can build up and cause pollutants in your air, so dust your home at least once a week. Remember to remove dust from baseboards or wainscoating along walls. These areas can trap dust along their edges. Read More