Rattan Garden Furniture: 5 Things to Know

Rattan Garden Furniture: 5 Things To Know
Decorative tape on a wall in white living room with rattan accessories

So, you want to make your garden more inviting? Instead of bombarding it with more flowers and plants, maybe it’s time to consider some furniture. You and your guests might want to take quick breaks from touring your colorful yard. Why not rest and relax on some garden furniture made of rattan?

Rattan furniture has become and still is a hot trend for many homeowners. They match the woodsy and outdoorsy vibe gardens have, and they’re not going to lose their rustic beauty no matter what year it is.

If you’re interested to learn more, read on for an essential and brief guide on rattan garden furniture. 

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Signs of Winter Storm Damage to Your Home

Signs of Winter Storm Damage to Your Home

In some parts of the world, many homeowners are already experiencing harsh winter weather. Are you and your home prepared for winter storms and tough conditions? Make sure you’re armed with these signs of winter storm damage to your home so you can identify and address any issues right away.

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5 Ways to Organize Your Home for the New Year…and Keep it That Way!

Organizing your life at the beginning of a new year is a great idea, but the good news is, you don’t have to wait until January 1st to get started! These tips are perfect for organizing your home and life for a productive and happy new year.

1. Properly store holiday decorations

Having just wrapped up the holiday season, it’s time to safely pack up, organize, and store all of your decorations until the following year. The next time holiday season approaches, you’ll be thankful. Find out how to properly care for your decorations below. 

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7 Cleaning Tips for Hard to Reach Spaces

It’s often the little things that present the biggest challenge, whether you’re doing some spring cleaning or just keeping things tidy! 

And despite our knack for cleaning the big stuff like carpets and countertops, smaller spaces like window tracks, air vents, and other nooks and crannies rarely make it into our daily routines.

Cleaning these spaces requires a little extra effort, but with the right tools, it’s easily done.

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Ep 005 – Are You Tracking Your Home Documents?


In today’s episode, John and Beth talk about how to manage the ever growing accumulation of homeowning documents. From mortgage contracts, appraisals, and home warranties to important receipts and owners manuals – the stack usually grows faster than we can manage. While the bulk of home documents may still be in paper format, there is an appealing draw to convert to a more digital strategy. In this episode John and Beth share tips on how best to organize your documents, the pros and cons of digital vs paper storage and how to take the leap into using digital storage, one small step at a time.


  • [01:57] The types of documents for homeowners
  • [8:38] How to store homeowner documents
  • [11:00] Paper vs digital document storage
  • [16:15] How to scan documents
  • [20:28] Using a mobile phone to take photos of documents
  • [22:04] Digitizing multi-page documents
  • [23:18] Where to store digital documents
  • [26:00] Protecting your digital storage
  • [28:40] The value of going digital
  • [30:38] Value of sharing documents easily
  • [32:43] Action items: developing a digital strategy


  • There’s no right or wrong way to store home documents. Do what you most feel comfortable with and what makes the most sense to you.
  • There is value in storing items digitally, like the ability to search your documents and sharing capabilities.
  • There are multiple ways to convert items to digital – by photo, documentation apps, or by scanner.
  • There are multiple ways to convert items to digital – by photo, documentation apps, or by scanner.You don’t have to convert to digital storage all at once. It’s an incremental process. Get a strategy and take as much time as you need to convert documents and fine the best way to store them whether in cloud storage, hard-drive, etc.