Best Simple Property Upgrades to Increase Your Home’s Value


 Guest Blogger: Vicky Clary

Selling a home for the best price possible is never easy. As the housing market struggles to recover from the catastrophe of 2008, people are finally beginning to become optimistic about the money they can get for their homes. Whether homeowners are looking to recover as much as possible from their underwater investment or if they are trying to make some money on their home, determining what home renovations can be done to help boost the value of the house is a common quest.

Some sellers have the time and money to invest in large-scale Read More

Maintenance Tip: Replace winter bedding with spring/summer bedding

replace winter bedding with spring summer bedding

In the winter time, it is a good to have a set of warm flannel sheets and perhaps either extra blankets or even a bed cover that is thick and warm. As the season turns to spring and summer, the house naturally gets hotter so it is time to change out the sheets and bed cover. Light cotton sheets can keep you cooler at night and perhaps a lighter bed cover is Read More

Get to Know Your Backyard – Infographic

Here are some tips from on how to get your backyard ready for spring and summer.  What are the values of trees and swing sets, how do you take care of your outdoor furniture and by all means some simple tips to repel mosquitoes.   Read More

HomeZada Maintenance Tip: Reseal Stone Surfaces

HomeZada Maintenance Tip: Reseal Stone Surfaces

The trend in many homes the past few years has been stone counter tops in kitchens, bathrooms and other entertainment areas. Many people have also opted to put in stone tiles as flooring in certain rooms. These stones vary from granite, marble, travertine, and more. Some stone surfaces are porous and can absorb water and moisture. It is important to understand each stone surface you have, and find the appropriate product to reseal stone surfaces. Many of the porous stones will start to discolor over time if they absorb too much water and moisture, and ruin your overall aesthetic look of the tile and the room.    Read More

Roofing Styles


Roofs are necessary for your home to function and to protect everything inside your home however did you know that across the US different roof types are used?

Steel roofs are designed for longevity and can actually help on your energy bill because the steel roof reflects heat rather than absorb it.  However, energy efficiency and weather resistance comes at a Read More