Breathe Easy in Your Home


People spend approximately 90% of their time indoors. So how do you know where the germs are and what changes can you make to ensure you are breathing easier.


Sixty percent of dust comes from shoes.  Use an abrasive mat like ones made of nylon yard or polypropylene to grab the particles from your shoes. Keeping your shoes in one location and not wearing them through the home could also help avoid tracking these germs throughout your home.  Additionally, vacuum or shake out these mats approximately once per week.  Adding this to your general cleaning tasks weekly and scrubbing or washing these mats once a month will also help to remove the potential for germs.

Water Filters

Leveraging water filters in your kitchen and showers have the ability reduce certain chemicals and minerals found in water that can cause disease.  More than 2/3 of the United States drinking water has chromium in the water.  Chromium is good for the body however in large dosages can cause problems.  Recommended levels of chromium in your water are found here by the EPA.  Secure water filters certified by the National Science Foundation to make sure you are safe from these metals.  Read More

Kitchen and Bath Style Report by NKBA

beautiful kitchens Images5

The National Association of Kitchen and Bath Association performed a survey to understand what were the latest trends in Kitchen and Bath Design.  Here is the results from 2012:

In kitchens differing wood cabinets were being used with  the use of cherry wood falling in 2012 and 2011.  Maple is still a highly used cabinet material which holds the number one spot for most used wood for kitchen cabinets but it too fell in 2012.  Woods like walnut and oak saw and increase in usage.  Cabinetry in dark natural finishes were the most popular of 2012 however medium finishes were not far behind.  In the world of painted cabinets, white is still the most popular color with distressed finishes making a slight comeback.

Some additional trends in the kitchen Read More

Displaying Collectibles

child's artwork

Do you have those cherished items that either have sentimental value or high dollar value and you want a wonderful area to display them, what do you do?
Using display cabinets both stand alone or built ins are great ways to showcase your cherished items.  Sometimes getting these items framed and placed as wall art can be a great solution allowing you to add décor to the walls and showing your prized possessions.  What about your children’s artwork or favorite stories?  Having your child’s accomplishments gracing your walls could also act a another form of a growth chart.  Showcasing your child’s growth through school efforts can replace the height marks in your home.  Collect money or maps Read More

Celebrating Green in Your Home


How do you go green in your home?  Start by leveraging healthy and natural cleaning products. Products like lemons,vinegar, baking soda and salt make great natural cleaning products.

Then determine how to manage your energy efficiency.
Check your home equipment like air conditioning units, dryer vents, and hot water heaters.  Are these units working properly, do they have filters that need replacing or cleaning or flushing that will make the units more effective.

Change your behavioral patterns by reducing water waste in your home.  When in your kitchen turn off your faucet between washings or add a low flow aerator to your faucet to reduce the amount of water being used.  Maximize the use Read More

Outdoor Furniture Inside

shutters-as-wall-decorDid you ever think to bring a great plant stand inside to hold bath products or bringing a great pot that can support great color in your home as a table?
What about a lounge chair in a sun room?  Or a table in a breakfast nook?  Changing it up and using what otherwise might be outdoor furniture could add some useful and creative decorating tips.  What about bring shutters inside?  They make great wall decorations.