Top Tech Ways to Protect Your Home for the Season

first time homebuyers moving in with tablet 700pxThere is so many tech tools for the home on the market.  With so many tools, which ones are worth investing in to help protect and manage your home?  Here are our top recommended home tech that can help you manage your home.

Invest in a Generator

With all the electronics in our home, it may be a great time to invest in home generator.  A homeowner can invest in a small portable generator for as low as $300.  If you are the homeowner who wants to keep your spaces in your home in full operation then investing in a large generator is an option however, these systems can cost between $9,000 and $15,000.  This backup generator can make sure you have the necessary heat when the weather turns cold.  It can keep your food refrigerator operating to keep feeding your family should you be stuck inside due to a winter storm.  It can also keep you connected Read More

The Zen of Zada Year in Review

Zen of Zada - HomeZada BlogWe are still in the beginning of 2015 and what better way to move forward then to take a quick peak back.  Let’s take a look at what Zen of Zada posts are readers appreciated the most from 2014.  We learned what our readers were interested in hearing about and what they liked to share with the world. We also learned that the home has a lot of different meanings to all fans and followers. As we say goodbye to 2014, we hope you enjoy all the posts we will provide you in 2015. If there are Zen of Zada topics you would like us to cover or posts you really loved and want us to drill down further, please let us know and we will get right on it.

Our readers wanted to knowhow to be good neighbors and liked the infographic about the 9 Reasons Your Neighbors Hate You.  Hopefully these tips help you better understand how to coexist with your neighbors and help them also Read More

How to Manage Your Household Budget Like a Business

1215_house-mortgage_400x400-300x3004Guest Blogger: AJ Smith

Keeping a budget seems pretty straightforward — so why do we have so much trouble sticking to it? One trick you can try to help is to think of yourself as a business. Businesses have expenses and money coming in and focus on that bottom line. They also can use profits to re-invest in making the business better. Check out the following tips to try budgeting like a business.

  1. Track the Basics

It’s important to remember the importance of keeping an inventory and tracking where your money is going. Businesses keep a close eye on where the money is coming from, how it is being spent and when all transactions occur. It’s a good idea to do the same in your household budget. This way you can identify where you might be overspending and where you can cut back. Read More

Home Maintenance Tip: Prune trees and shrubs

cutting of an apple treeIf you can see your trees and you are not blasted with snow or ice, it is a good time to trim your trees for spring and summer growth. Trimming your trees can help give them life in spring with fuller leaves and fruit.  It is also wise to trim trees and shrubs that are especially close to a home. Overgrown trees and shrubs can damage the exterior of your home. During storms throughout the year, trees and shrubs can bang, scratch and damage the exterior of your home. Damage to exterior walls, gutters, roofs, and even windows can occur during any Read More

Celebrating Chinese New Year with Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art form that take elements, color and outside conditions to create a positively inspired home. Using the elements; fire, wood, water, earth and metal, to create an energy flow can create a level of balance in your home.  Positioning these elements and incorporating the appropriate colors to create positive energy can be challenging if you do not have the knowledge or experience of feng shui.  This infographic shares a few tips on how you add elements and concepts of feng shui to your home to create good chi which leads to good Read More