What You Need to Know when Owning a Pool


Pool season is upon us and there are some facts that need to be understood, as well as, safety tips that anyone either owning or participating in the use of a pool should understand. It is estimated that 300 children younger than five years old drown in swimming pools and spas and more than 3,200 go to the hospital due to pool injuries annually, US Consumer Product Safety Commission.  In pools and spas, hair, jewelry and bathing suits can get caught in drain covers or limbs can get lodged in suction openings.  This causes problems as people and small children get stuck in these situations and some body parts can be held underwater by suction from the filtration systems causing death. Read More

Smarter Storage in your Kitchen


The kitchen generally has a lot of tools to use and more than some other parts of the house.  So storage is essential to maximize space in your cooking and serving areas. Leveraging space throughout your kitchen area is the first key to successful storage and organization.  Finding space for every kind of gadget and utensil is important so being creative with your organization is key. Stacking or standing your cutting boards to create more room is a great way to manage space.  Placing your knives in a central location is not only organized but safe.  Read More

DIY Projects Tip 2: Following the Money

Budgets, priorities, and time always seem to get in the way of your project ideas.  You probably want to get them all done, now or at least in the next 6 – 12 months.  But reality sometimes sets in, and all your ideas have to be planned out in terms of priorities, budgets, and when to actually get around to doing them.  Home projects also tend to get prioritized against all those other things in life, like vacations, cars, education, kids sports, etc.

The project planning page in HomeZada is a quick and easy way to see all your wish list of projects in one place, where you can space out the projects over months and years, and give yourself quick estimates to help with the financial planning aspects.  Couples can even use this to get on the same page in regards to priorities of projects.  This short video shows you how to easily manage all your projects.

Freshening up your outdoor flooring


It is the time of year to get outdoors. Sometimes a fresh look at your outdoor areas is exactly what you need to make the summer even more enjoyable.  Here are some helpful tips to freshen up your current outdoor flooring areas.

Concrete:  If you have concrete and you discover damage from car oil, blot the area with paper towels, then add kitty litter over the blotted and oil stained area and wait. The kitty litter will absorb the oil.  When the kitty litter looks to no longer be absorbing the oil which is approximately 24 hours, remove the kitty litter and use 1 part trisodium phosphate with 6 parts water and scrub the remainder of the oil.  Once you are completed scrubbing the area, then rinse with water.  Concrete can also be maintained and cleaned regularly by mixing hot water and all purpose household cleaner or a contrete cleaner together. Use a stiff bristle broom or brush and scrub the concrete with Read More

How do you Entertain in Your Home


Oftentimes you might need to host a family get together or a child’s birthday party.  How do you leverage your home’s design to entertain for events like these?  Can you serve appetizers in your kitchen but leverage a bar or drink area in your family room?
Are you having a sit down event or one that allows everyone to mingle in your home?  To avoid clutter and crowed areas think of your home as a maze and leverage the maze to engage your company in different rooms or locations.  Maybe you want cake eaten outside to create easy clean up.  Be creative when using your home for entertainment.  Using a basement or a family room Read More