Secret Areas Around Your Home That Must Be Cleaned


Guest Blogger, Leslie Kramer

I’ve talked about some of the things around someone’s home that must be cleaned every so often to prevent anything from going wrong.

Most people neglect cleaning key areas, which could turn into a bigger problem
further down the line. Today we’re going to look at those sneaky little things you must make sure you keep clean. Don’t worry about ending up overworked because you don’t have to clean these household items very often.

Clean your refrigerator coils

If you knew how dirty your refrigerator coils were you wouldn’t even want to go near them, but unfortunately it’s one of those jobs you just have to do. When the buildup gets too much your fridge will have to work a lot harder and it will cause your energy Read More

Barns Reborn


Now here is a decorating and function home style that is making lots of traction across the country.  Reclaimed wood is being used in furniture, flooring, and so many other areas of our household life.  But did you know the some homeowners are choosing to convert barns into full functioning homes.  Read More

Creating a Home Office

home office

Did you know that 59% of prospective home buyers want a home office in their next home.  Home offices are great rooms that allow you to work from home if your job allows, conduct your personal home business in a quiet environment and also allows your students to study if necessary. When designing your home office keep a couple of things in mind.  How many people in your family will use this office?  What will the purpose of its use be?  What furniture will you require?  Read More

Is Your Cost of Living Higher than it Should Be?

Phone Television Cable Services

By Guest Blogger, Liz Nelson

Many of us live beyond our means whether by accident or by choice. If you’re not paying attention to the amenities around you, it’s easy to get wrapped up in adding services and features to your way of life. Have you ever stopped and tallied up how much you spend per year for each of the creature comforts you enjoy? Some of these can be quite expensive when you add them up. Some common household features include: Read More