Holiday Decorating and the Christmas Tree

christmas tree

It is that time of year.  Houses are getting the final touches on the holiday decor their owners are placing inside and out.  Trees are going up and getting spruced up.   The imagination is given the opportunity to express itself during this fantastic time of year.  Christmas trees are fresh and live or colorful and artificial.  The bulbs, ribbons, bows and ornaments that give a tree the holiday spirit are endless.  Trees host clear lights, colorful bright lights or big bold solid lights. Angels and stars look down from the tree’s very top perch. Read More

Dining Room Chandeliers


A chandelier can make a dining room really standout.  Chandeliers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles.   From a formal dining room to a casual space, a chandelier can also brighten a room depending on the amount of lightbulbs and light that is distributed.  Read More

Great Holiday Table Settings

In the time of getting ready for the Thanksgiving feast, you might be under pressure to make your table look as glorious as your meal.  With your last minute trip to the grocery store and a walk in your backyard you could make your table spectacular! Read More

Avoiding Thanksgiving Disasters


Thanksgiving can be the beginning of the sometimes stressful holiday season.  Family is on its way to you home bringing dishes to share for the Thanksgiving dinner.  However, there are generally some dishes that you might still be responsible for providing to your guests.

Likely the turkey.  Depending on your cooking strategy, Thanksgiving is proving to be one of the most dangerous holidays for your home.  The National Fire Protection Association states that Thanksgiving is the number day of the year for cooking related fires. Read More

Thanksgiving … Infographic

If you wanted to know some great facts about the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday.  Take a look at the following infographic to learn more.  Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving! Read More