HomeZada DIY Project Tip 6: Tracking Costs and Updating Inventory

In the middle of a project, most of us forget to keep track of the actual costs, receipts, and any warranties for the things we buy.  Keeping track of these costs will come in handy at tax time of the year or if you decide to sell your home.  Updating your home inventory after a project is another key thing we all tend to forget.

With HomeZada, you can easily track all your costs and compare against your budgets.  Updating your inventory Read More

Upcoming Storm Sandy … Preparedness

We felt that this is so important right now, that we are sharing this previous post on Hurricane Preparedness again.  To everyone potentially effected by Sandy, please stay safe.



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College Football is in full swing and with that some great rivalries, school logo wear and tailgating.  Tailgating parties are often put together for game attendees leveraging the backs of trucks, thus the term tailgating, but more and more people are hosting game day parties at their homes.  What to keep in mind when getting your tailgate party together is quite simple.

First, a TV or radio for game time action.  After all, the tailgate party is a precursor for the actual game.  Next, you will need food and beverage for your guests.  Tailgating generally keeps it simple with beers but if a morning game, bloody mary’s, mimosa’s and irish coffee are sometimes added to the menu.  Other non-alcoholic drinks for kids and those nondrinkers are also necessary. Food is definitely regional.  Oysters in Boston, Brats in Wisconsin, Mexican in California, Ribs, Pulled Pork in the Southern US Read More

HomeZada DIY Project Tip 5: Shopping Analysis and Sharing

What you want versus what you can afford is a struggle we all face with our home projects.  Should you spend more money on appliances and less on flooring and countertops?  If you buy the high end bath tub you really want, can you save money elsewhere on the project and still be within your budget?  These types of questions are ones that many people struggle with in seeing various aspects of the big picture.

HomeZada allows you to see all the high and low prices of your shopping choices, and allows you to make various preferred selections to see whether you are on budget.  And if you are doing the bulk of the research, sharing that with your spouse can be a bombardment of individual emails for each item you are considering.  Your spouse can login to HomeZada and see all your research in one spot!

Watch this quick video on how HomeZada helps you with your decisions on your projects.

shopping choices screenshot

Guest Stays


With the upcoming holidays, the time of year for family and friends is quickly approaching.  Many family and friends get together from different areas around the US or even the world and stay at each other’s homes. When these guests are staying with you, here are some great tips to help make their stay more comfortable.  Read More