Overcoming Organizing Obstacles Infographic

Do ever wonder why organizing can be so challenging?  Have you ever made these statements?  As you read this infographic, you might relate to the statements made .. we know we have.  It gives us a bit of a chuckle Read More

Urban Living


Urban living is growing. Homeowners are heading back into the city and taking on smaller properties like condos to be close to work, close to activity and managing a smaller footprint. Living in an urban setting has some different characteristics than living in the suburbs however some principles of living in both areas are the same.

With a smaller footprint Read More

Winter Maintenance Tip: Pruning Trees and Shrubs

cutting of an apple tree

Pruning trees and shrubs in winter have multiple impacts on your home.  Keeping those trees and shrubs close to the home trim can help with any potential damage that could occur from falling branches or winds driving tree branches into the home and helping to manage overgrowth where burglars could potentially hide.

Trimming certain trees and shrubs can also support a Read More

Keeping the Energy Alive with In Home Fitness Spaces


This time of year gets us focused on so many goals and processes.  We look at a fresh year as a way to commit to our health.  Reviewing our eating habits, reviewing our activity level and overall goals, basically losing a few pounds from the holiday indulgence.  After all, bathing suit season is just around the corner.

One area of the home that we assess is our workout area and what is available to us to get ourselves headed for a healthier course. Read More

How to Enjoy Your Patio During the Winter

pation in winterGuest Blogger, Neil Hanks

A patio and outdoors space can be the ideal area for friends and family to unwind, dine and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the garden. It can be a wonderfully relaxing space for all kinds of pastimes and the onset of winter should not have to change any of this. Indeed, with some easily followed guidelines

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