5 Reasons for a Home Inventory

With National Preparedness Month right around the corner, it’s time to take care of your home and family for unexpected events. Fifty nine percent of homeowners do not have a home inventory and most homeowners who have a home inventory do not regularly update their home inventory.  Here are five reasons to create a home inventory. Creating a home inventory can be done by yourself with the correct tools or by hiring a home inventory professional in your area to assist you.   Learn more by visiting http://www.homezada.com/reasons-for-a-home-inventory.html

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Incorporating Animals in your Home Design

So you do not have any pets at this moment.  Well, that should not be a hinderance for incorporating animals into your home design.  With a couple of easy steps, you can bring the joy of a number of furry friends or regal creatures into your home. Read More

Turn Your Home into a Tropical Paradise in 5 Simple Steps

By Guest Blogger, Jerry Mcleen.

Lot of bright colors

If you want your home to look like paradise the first thing you need to do is lose the dark colors. Do you really think black and brown will let you picture yourself chilling out on a tropical island? You need hot pinks, tangy limes, and cool blues. If your home looks lovely and bright it will make you feel alive. Changing the color of your walls and drapes will have the biggest impact on each room, but you should add in as much bright objects as possible. Read More