HomeZada Project Management Gets Better

With the help of our customers, HomeZada continues to improve on its solution. HomeZada has added an “actions” tab to the home improvement projects. These actions enhance project management with regards to repair, design and remodel projects. This new ‘Actions’ tab on the Projects page allows you to have a simple action list of all the actions you need to complete for that specific project. Read More

Open House? 8 Best Practices You Need to Know

Open HouseDo open houses really work? 

Some realtors swear by them…others say they’re a waste of time.

Obviously, as a seller, it’s your choice, but if you and your realtor do opt for an open house, consider the following best practices. Read More

7 Ways To Save Money on Your DIY Backyard Deck

DIY Backyard DeckImagine cool summer evenings spent watching the kids chase lightning bugs in the backyard as you lounge on your beautifully finished deck.

It’s a wonderful dream, but maybe you’ve priced a new deck and feel like it’s beyond your reach. Read More