How Does the Internet of Things Impact Homeowners?

Tech-For-the-HomeAlthough the concept was developed in 1999, it hasn’t gained much attention until early 2014. The idea behind the Internet of Things (IoT) is that objects would have network connectivity and could send and receive data. From your home appliances to your electrical and plumbing system, companies would be able to gather information about the use of these things. You could also use the connection to control them from anywhere in the world. As a homeowner, you should stay informed about the issue. Here are 4 ways that the IoT will impact you and your home: Read More

Prepare Your Outdoor Space For Spring

HomeZada Pressure Wash Decks Patios and DrivewaysGuest Blogger:  Jessica Kyriakos

No, it’s not spring yet, but these final winter months are the perfect time to get your home ready for the season ahead, particularly on more temperate days where it’s easy to get outside. Even before the flowers are back in full bloom, you can take steps to prepare your outdoor space or patio for the greener days to come. Ready to get started? At the first preview signs of spring, here is what you need to do to prepare Read More

Getting Organized Family Style

Spring-homes-decluttering-007Ever wonder how to get your whole family engaged in the organizing and declurttering process? This process can be daunting to getting the family on the same page.  Organizing ends up competing with fun, sports, dinner, school and work.  All projects and activities that are either necessary or a preferred way to spend the time.  It is easy to procrastinate on organizing and decluttering also, because usually this involves removing items that may have a personal attachment for the family member that is being asked to potentially remove items from the home. Her are some suggestions on getting the whole family involved in organizing. Read More

Decking balustrades: The defining feature for any modern home

decking 6

Guest Blogger: Francesca Holmes

The decision to install decking is a popular landscaping option. It can add a stylish feature to your property, extending your home into your garden, and is a low-maintenance alternative to a patio. It can rejuvenate your house almost as effectively as building a new room, and provides a perfect spot for an outdoor seating area that will be especially enjoyed as a place to gather during warmer weather.

Set up your barbecue, fix up a Read More

Spring Cleaning has Financial Benefits

Spring cleaning gives you the ability to clear the cobwebs, freshen up your bed linens, and open the windows to less fresh air into your home that has been closed up all winter. While you are spring cleaning, it is a great time to declutter and realize the benefits of tax benefits through donating unneeded items.  Looking at your annual spend on cleaning from products used, services providers used helping you maintain your home and your spend on items within your home.  While your cleaning your physical house, it is a great time to clean your financial Read More