12 Tips for Cutting Costs at Home

Understanding the details about your home can help you find some hidden savings that can help you cut costs at home. Learn from these 12 tips in this infographic on how save at home.  Many of these tips are great savings and simple tasks that you can do on your own. Read More

Top Solar Home Designs for 2016

Guest Blogger: Erin Vaughan

It’s been a banner year for solar, and we’re only halfway through. It started with the renewal of the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit, a federal incentive that returns solar homeowners up to 30 percent of their system costs, which was previously set to expire at the end of 2015. That extension is expected to drive demand for residential solar energy for a long time—through the end of the decade, at least. Then came the news Read More

Protect Your Home From Fleas and Ticks

article_3-step-protection_large2-jpg adams pet careSummer is the perfect time to be outside. And being outside means lots of trees and flowers in bloom. Grass growing everyday and the potential for pesky fleas and ticks to invade your home. Fleas and ticks carry diseases and cause skin problems both to you and your pets. Protecting your home from fleas and ticks and an occasional rattlesnake can be easy with some of these tips.  Read More

5 Tips for Selling Your House This Summer   

Tips on Selling your Home

Guest Blogger: Carter Wessman

Summer may be real estate’s busy season, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy time to be a seller. With so many homes on the market and minimal pressure to settle, buyers can afford to be pickier.

It takes strategy, patience, and a level head to manage a sale successfully. Nevertheless, it is still possible, and if you follow these five steps, you will not only survive this summer home selling season, but Read More

How to Pet Proof Your Backyard Infographic

HomeAdvisor created this great infographic describing how to pet proof your backyard. Take into consideration fencing areas, common areas, and organic fertilizers to protect the garden and also your pets. Knowing which plants to grow in your yard will also help you keep your pets safe from illness.  Take a look at how you can pet proof your backyard. Read More