Clean Air

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It is that time of year when the germs start invading the home and what can you to keep your air clean during these times.
1. Keeping your floors clean. Regular vacuuming is a great way to make sure the pollutants are out of your home.
2. Clean thoseair filters. Replacing your filters each quarter is a great way to make sure your air is clean. Leveraging HomeZada to help remind you when to replace your filters can help keep you on schedule. Read More

10 Step Wall Painting Secrets to Increase your Home’s Value, Guest Blogger

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Guest Blogger, Tom Corliss

Freshly painted rooms done in the right color and finished like a professional was hired can make a huge difference in both your home value and how you feel about your home.

This article will give you the basic ideas of how to paint a room after you have chosen your color to get great results. For more help on how to pick the right paint color read my article titled, How to Pick Paint Colors Like A Designer @Home Information Read More

In Home Fitness Rooms


It is the New Year and one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to get in better shape. What do you do when you need to manage the update of an in home fitness center?

First, you need to identify a space in your home that will support your fitness needs. Then you will need to understand the equipment you have or would like to purchase. Measuring your equipment and allowing for a specific set of space around the equipment is important. If your space can only hold your equipment you risk not being effective with your new fitness regimen. To gain the most effectiveness from your workouts, you will need to extend legs and arms and possibly bending from the waist. Understanding the size of your family members and their reach will assist you in identifying the exact space you need for your equipment and your ability to have an effective workout. Read More