Ep 012 – How to Hire a Contractor for Remodel Projects


Interviewing a remodeling contractor for some may seem challenging. But we have some simple tips to help you have a fabulous relationship with your contractor. In today’s episode, we walk through the steps to consider before, during, and after a remodel project. Listen in to learn the tips and tricks on how to start your project off on the right foot and end with on a good note!

Questions to consider when starting a project:

  • What should a homeowner do before researching for a remodeling contractor? What do homeowners need to look for when researching a contractor for a remodel project? Is it important to compare contractors or quotes before deciding on which contractor to use?
  • What details should be asked prior to signing a contract with a remodeling contractor? How should a homeowner manage their contractor during the construction process?
  • How should you handle a situation with your contractor if something is not working during the project? Who manages or is responsible for the budget of the project?
  • How should change orders be determined when changes do happen to a project? How should money be paid to a contractor? Up front, partial payment, etc
  • What are the risks of certain contracts? What to look for and how to manage the details? What does a close out look like and if there is a problem with the job, how can you manage this process?


  • [01:23] What should a homeowner do before researching for a remodeling contractor? What do homeowners need to look for when researching a contractor for a remodel project?
  • [09:24] How do you find quality contractors and one of the key questions to ask your contractor?.
  • [12:53] how to ask for client referrals?
  • [18:34] How should money be paid to a contractor?
  • [21:10] Understanding “change orders” and what happens when changes happen during the project.
  • [24:01] How to handle the close out process and gather warranties.


  • You need a plan before you start looking for a contractor. Do the upfront planning before you try to determine the scope of the project.
  • If you are working on a bigger project, it’s smart to get two to three bids or estimates.
  • When getting customer referrals, don’t ask broad questions like whether the contractor did a good job. Ask detailed questions about the process of the project and demeanor of the contractor.





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