HomeZada Project Tip 3: DIY or Contractor Projects

Many of us have the desire, skill and passion for DIY projects.  But certain projects may require specialized contractor skills.  Or some people may just prefer to hire contractors or interior designers to manage their projects.  Either way, you as the homeowners still need to manage the selection process of products as well as manage budgets regardless of whether you do a DIY or contractor project.

Check out this short video about how HomeZada is easily configurable to manage each project as either a DIY or a contractor type of project.


Let’s Talk Coffee



Coffee is large cultural event in our society.  Worldwide wherever you go, there are coffee houses and cafes that offer so many delicious drinks.  Espresso Machines are great additions to some homes that gives you great tasting coffee right at home. You can get built in espresso machines or free standing machines. Read More

HomeZada DIY Projects Tip 2: Following the Money

Budgets, priorities, and time always seem to get in the way of your project ideas.  You probably want to your projects all done, now.  But reality sets in, and all your ideas have to be planned out in terms of priorities, budgets, and when to actually get around to doing your projects.  Your DIY projects also tend to get prioritized against all those other things in life, like vacations, cars, education, etc. Read More

Garage Organization

garage organizatoin

Autumn is a great time of year to get your garage cleaned and organized.  It might be the time of year that you are using your garage to store some of your lawn furniture or pool accessories.  You may have some maintenance or other household projects that you would like to get to during the fall and winter months and need your tools easily accessible to complete those projects.   Read More

For the Fun of It … Most Expensive Homes Infographic

Have you ever wondered what the most expensive homes look like and what they have within them and who actually can afford to own them?  We do, so we thought this infographic was a great way to brighten your day and answer that curious question …. what is the most expensive home and where is it? Read More