School’s in Session


School has been in session for a couple of weeks or just getting started.  Your students are becoming more familiar with their routines and schedules.  Homework is due and spelling bees are happening.   A desk area can create a great foundation to help children focus on their learning.  This desk area is determined by the age of your children and their specific needs and the size of your home.  Read More

Digital Décor


Decorating a home is a lot of fun for some and difficult for others as making up one’s mind on what style is taking place is hard.  Here’s a nice suggestion, try digital décor.  Maybe you want to showcase your family but you do not know which photo most represents your family because of the differences of everyone.  Try a digital photo frame that will allow you to focus on all aspects of your family.  Another example of digital décor is to leverage your own photos as artwork.  Working with the right print house to create a large scale print of your photo to use on your wall is another great way to decorate if you are trying to figure out your design style. PhotoWow allows you to do just that.

Incorporating Ornamental Grasses into your Landscape

When landscaping many homeowners add shrubs, trees and definitely flowers, however homeowners often forget about using grasses in their landscape design.

Ornamental grasses can add drama and flair to any garden.  They flow in the wind, they are colorful and they are resilient.   Many feel that grasses are all green, but they are come in reds, pinks, yellows, golds, rusts, blues and so many shades of green.    Read More

Driveway Dinners and Neighbors

neighborhood party

Neighborhoods are such an integral part to why we choose a home to buy and live. Engaging our neighbors and making them part of our lives is what makes communities.   One great way to introduce yourself to your neighbors or to just continue your relationship with them, try a Driveway Dinner. Read More

Great New Electrical Ideas for your Home

We are fortunate to live in the 21st century because great innovation gives us some marvelous products that help understand the way we live and provide us more options on how we live.

These great electric solutions like rotating electrical outlets that support multiple formats are useful for those who need a central hub for multiple electrical devices. Read More