3 Tips to Declutter Family Spaces

Courtesy of Interiorish

Guest Blogger: Ellen Delap

Kids birthdays have come and gone, and so has Christmas. Well-meaning friends and family have blessed your family with all sorts of items. It’s been a busy school year and it was easier to purchase items than find them at home. All of a sudden you feel overwhelmed by the inflow of toys, clothes, and kitsch. It’s time to declutter your family spaces!


Kids benefit from fewer toys.  When they are overwhelmed by too many toys, they play with fewer toys.  Whether you choose a living room or playroom for your kids’ toys, you know it’s time to declutter when Read More

The Value of a Home Inventory

home_inventory1Have you ever wondered where certain items were in your home? Ever thought that you might have the same item and you purchased another one just like it?  Not knowing where items are in your home can lead to a disorganized home life. It can also end up costing your more because you are constantly replacing what you cannot find.  A home inventory is an organized listing of your home’s structure and your possessions within the home and other spaces like a storage unit or a garage. Creating an inventory with photos, videos, receipts, and descriptive details gives you an overview of what you own within your spaces and can also provide details about your home’s structure. A good inventory also includes warranties, and owner’s manuals. Read More

Home Maintenance Tip: Inspect all water valves

HomeZada Home Maintenance Tip Inspect All Water ValvesSpring is a good time to check water valves and spigots to make sure they are operating properly. There is nothing worse than a leaky faucet or valve. These valves could either wear out because of constant use and be a source of water leaks, or they could get stiff and corroded with lack of use causing them to not work at all. For this home maintenance tip, locate your main shut off valves for your water should any serious leak occur. Knowing where you water valve is located will help you quickly shut off water if you experience a water leak. Read More

24 Great Storage Hacks to Get More Space out of Your Home

When it comes to your home, do you ever think of what you can do to maximize space?  Well people with very small homes and apartments are doubly challenged as they often are at a loss for storage space  These simple suggestions can make a world of difference in the process of gaining more unique ways to find storage in your home. Leveraging walls, doors and unique cabinet storage to create the necessary room for your things can be seen here in this infographic from Solent Plastics.

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Easy to Care for Houseplants

house plantsRecently, we read an article on successful office spaces and wouldn’t you just know it live plants were on the list of what makes an office happy and valuable. Taking that same concept and relating it to the home,houseplants are a great and healthy way to add décor to your home. Houseplants take in the carbon monoxide expelled by humans and converts it to oxygen which can benefit your home and your family. Houseplants also give a natural element to your home. Kind of like bringing the forest or the jungle inside. Read More