Planning an Edible Garden in One Day


Over the last several years. vegetable gardens are gaining in popularity as a great additional to any garden.  People are saving money by growing their own vegetables and also avoiding unhealthy pesticides by tending to their own gardens.  You can plan a vegetable garden in one day. Read More

Paint and Changing your Style

Attractive young adult couple painting interior wall of house.

Have you ever wondered what your favorite room would look like with a different color wall?   It is so easy to use paint to refresh and redesign a room.  However, choosing the color that you just have to have is hard.  You bring home paint chips and paint samples. You paint your wall with 5 different paint colors to see what it looks like before painting your whole room.

Here are some great online tools that help you look at your room and play with different colors to determine what works best for you and your room. Read More