Recycling Furniture

Recycling helps the environment and makes our goods become reusable in new formats.   Have you ever visited a flea market or yard sale and come across a great piece of furniture that you just know with a little fresh fix it would be a beautiful piece and just might look fantastic in your home.  Read More

Hotel Style Home Decor



Hotels are leveraging some great design elements and many people are looking to incorporate some of these design elements and products in their own home.  Read More

Looking up … Ceilings

A new trend for homes is creating unbelievable ceilings which draw the eyes up to help further define a room.  Wood paneling, wood beams, décor that leverages the whole wall, tiled ceilings, tray ceilings, painted ceilings and more. Read More

For the Love of our Pets

pet bed

Pets are so an integral part of a family and yet pets are a variety of animals; from dogs and cats to hamsters, snakes, birds, fish, horses and so many more. Making your home comfortable for both you and your animal family members has opened the door to so many solutions. Living with your pets can add an experience to decorating for with your pets in mind.

First, keep in mind the type of pets you own and how you want to live with them. Next determine where they will sleep and eat their meals. Once you have designated sleeping and eating areas for your pets, you can then determine what you need to make them comfortable in your home. Feeding your pets can be messy depending on their eating behaviors. Small pets can generally eat inside a cage or bowl, while larger pets require a location in or around your home to feed with containers to support their food. To avoid any messy areas, find an area where you can feed your pets while also having easy clean up. For instance if you have dogs and cats that eat inside your home, it might be easier to clean up tile or linoleum or even a wood floor than a carpeted area. Read More