Tips and Benefits of Keeping a Tidy Garden 

Tips and Benefits of Keeping a Tidy Garden Keeping things tidy may start as an idea, but can evolve into a lifestyle. And this ideology extends outside the walls of your home and into your tidy garden. We have all seen that house with the overgrown shrubs look like there is a rain forest on your block. Or there is the other extreme, Read More

5 Fall Cleaning Tips for a Sparkling Home

5 Fall Cleaning Tips for a Sparkling HomeThere are often areas in our homes that have been forgotten in the cleaning process. Or we just cannot remember when we cleaned it last. Therefore, we start talking to ourselves saying did we or didn’t we clean this area. Generally, we do not answer ourselves because we often cannot remember the last time we cleaned our light fixtures.  Read More

What to Expect When Moving into a New Home

Moving into a New Home

Papers are signed and the keys are in your hands. It is so exciting when you finally get through the process of buying your new home. Now it is time contract with the moving company and move in to your new home. A new home comes with a lot expectations that so many forget. Let’s look at what to expect when moving into a new home. Read More

Is Your Home Improvement Budget Ready for a Rainy Day?

home improvement budgetWhile many homeowners have a to-do list of fun home improvement projects, most don’t enjoy spending money on things that keep the house safe and sound. You might convince yourself that the brownish-yellow water stain on the ceiling is not a big deal Read More