Baby Rooms

In celebration of the newly arrived and named Prince George, we take a look at the wonder of baby’s rooms. Having a baby is an exciting time in ones life Read More

Add a Pop of Color in Your Kitchen

Kitchens are a focal point in any home.  You eat meals here, study and work on homework, create to do lists, read books, entertain and so much more. Adding a dash of pizzazz to your busy living area is a great way to bring life and fun to an already functional room.  Read More

DIY Project Tip 6: Tracking Costs and Updating Inventory

In the middle of a project, most of us forget to keep track of the actual costs, receipts, and any warranties for the things we buy. Ongoing visibility into the things you own is important so that when warranties run out, you can update them or look at a cost analysis on whether to secure a new object like the one currently under warranty.  Read More

Laundry Rooms



Laundry rooms are sometimes a central part of a go to area in a home. Laundry gets washed, dried, and folded. It also gets sorted based on who closet and room they need to reside. Laundry rooms if large enough hold children’s belongings before entering or exiting you home. Shoes sometimes reside in the laundry room. Read More