Happy Thanksgiving!


We are thankful for all the blessings bestowed upon us!  We are thankful for our followers, fans, customers, investors, friends, family and all that help HomeZada! We are thankful for the company and food we will enjoy!  We wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great start to the holiday season!

Adding Value to Your Home – Infographic

We have a lot of customers and readers asking us what provides value to a home but is also cost effective. Enhancing the curb appeal is something we talk of often focusing on enhancing your landscaping and also replacing a front door. However, cleaning your gutters, replacing your garage door and refreshing paint around your home can also increase your homes value. If you have the money to remodel some spaces than enhancing a bathroom or kitchen can go a long way but also converting an attic into living space can also add value. Here is an appealing and easy on the eyes infographic to help you learn a few more great tips on what projects can be done to your home to increase its value and how much return it will provide you. Read More

How to Keep Your Fireplace in Tip-Top Shape This Winter

Photo Courtesy: mychimney.com
Photo Courtesy: mychimney.com

Nothing beats relaxing and reading a book fireside. But before you snuggle up and enjoy the comforting crackle of a fire this winter, make sure your fireplace is safe.

Four out of five fire-related deaths occur in the home. What’s more, 33 percent of house fires are caused by unkempt fireplaces and chimneys. That’s why it’s vital to make sure your chimney is clear and Read More

Home Remodel Project: Game Room Furnishings

HomeZada Home Remodel Game room furnishingsSome homes have a separate room or loft area that is used as a game room. The interior design of this room depends on whether the game room is designed for small children, teenage children or adults. A game or toy room can be a designated play area for smaller children. The room can evolve into a gaming room for kids who want to play video games. With adults, the room can evolve with a billiards table or ping pong table as a center piece.  Maybe the whole family of all ages are fans of cards or board games with a different layout of the room. A game room is a great home remodel project to create entertainment for the entire family. Read More

Making Chores Fun

7-Eco-Cleaning-Products-You-Should-UseChores are not generally fun, nor does anyone even want to do them. The simple word, chore, does not depict the best view of a the activity. The dictionary defines chore as (1) a small or odd job; routine task (2) chores, the everyday work around a house or farm and (3) a hard or unpleasant task i.e. Solving the problem was quite a chore. With all this negativity, how do your get the family to unite to help out with the work around the house? How about creating some new ways to get chores done and how about adding some fun into the overall process of weekend chores? These three steps can help you get the family involved and keep them involved in helping keep your home clean.  Read More