Gardening Benefits Infographic

In an effort to continue celebrating Earth Day.  Here is an infographic that shows how gardening can support a healthy lifestyle, reduce your expenses and actually help you make a little money, maintain your home landscape and thus its value and make for a greener lifestyle.  Support the environment by making little changes. A garden could be that one thing that provides more value than you originally thought. Read More

Houseplants for the Home

house plants

Houseplant Care Houseplants are a great and a healthy way to add décor to your home. Houseplants give take in the carbon monoxide your expel and convert to oxygen which your home can benefit. Houseplants also give a natural element to your home. Taking care of houseplants depends on the type of plant or plants you place in your home. Some great plants that either tell you what they need or are easy to take care of are Peace Lily, Philodendrons , Ivy, Cacti, Pothus Spider Plants, Mother in Law’s Tongue or Snake Plant , the Chinese Evergreen. Read More

Pre and Post Moving Home Inventory

Moving can be a very stressful time.  Getting your possessions packed and ready to go while also figuring out what you need for your next home and what you want to sell or donate adds more effort to moving.   One thing that can help you when you do arrive at your new home, is to create an inventory of your possessions.

Taking photos and descriptions of your belongings not only helps you Read More

Sleep is Critical for Healthy Living


Sleep is such a vital part of how we stay healthy.  There are so many distractions and stressors in life that can limit our sleep ability and quality.  One thing to keep in mind is how your bed impacts your sleep.  It is recommended that you change your mattresses every 7 – 10 years.  Another way to see if your mattress is ready to be replaced is to see if it can stand up against a wall.  If your bed sags or bends, then it might be time for a new mattress.  Read More