That Fresh Smell in your Home, What does it mean?


Making your home a haven and one that gives you so much pleasure can be done by embracing the beauty of scent all through your home.

Depending on your mood or a scent that resonates with you personally, here are few scents and how they can provide different energy in your home.

Citrus, like lemon, orange, grapefruit can erase a bad mood due to its energizing properties. This is also a reason why citrus is often used in cleaning Read More

Getting your Home Ready for Vacation



Traveling and vacations are a great way to spend time with friends and family and explore new sights and adventures.   When you do travel, it is best to make sure you have your home is ready for your vacation.  Here are few tips Read More

How a Home Inventory Helps With an Insurance Claim

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Guest Blogger:  Katherine Wood and Carrie Van Brunt-Wiley

Home insurance companies pay more than $150 billion each year in claims from policyholders for damages caused by fires, tornadoes, robberies, dog bites, falls and other covered events, according to the Insurance Information Institute (III). Having a home inventory makes sure you won’t get shortchanged if you need to tap into part of that $150 billion.

Here’s why: Read More

Cooling your Home for Summer


Depending on where you live, the heat can have a negative effect on your comfort. When summer hits, many use their air conditioning units to address heat.  Taking care of your air conditioning unit is important to ensure that it is working properly.  Regular maintenance on your units from checking, replacing or cleaning filters, external cleaning of the condenser and evaporator, tubing functionality, checking fans and blowers, or checking for leaks is important to ensure that your air conditioning unit runs properly and is available when the hot weather hits.   Read More

Sell Your Home Fast with These Top Cosmetic Fixes

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By Guest Blogger, Tom Corliss

With the tough real estate market that we find ourselves in recently anything that you can do to help get your property sold faster and for more money helps. I have been helping people do just this for years now and here are some Cosmetic Fixes to Sell Your House Fast. Read More