10 Things You Need to Do When You Move into Your New Home

Move into Your New HomeIt is moving time and with it comes of a lot of details to move out of one home into a new home. There are some things that you need to do when you move into your new home  that can make your life easier. These top tips will help you get in front of managing the details of your new home and your move.

1. Clean your home before the boxes arrive.

This is the best time to clean your home, with nothing in it. It is easy to wipe away any potential cobwebs in your garage or get the baseboards dust free. You can wipe down all the light switches and free them from germs. Cleaning underneath sinks in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms will make it easy without anything in them. Getting your home clean without all the furniture and items you own in it will be easier than if boxes are stacked every where.

2. Stock your fridge. 

Make a quick run to the grocery store or local farmers market to add food in the fridge when the family arrives. A quick drink and snacks can help keep everyone from getting hangry from all the unpacking.

3. Bring your essentials box to your new home.

This essentials box will have tape, scissors, box cutters and tape measures. You may also include pen and paper for notes, as well as, extra phone chargers. These charges will help in case you have them packed elsewhere. This box will have plastic utensils, paper plates and cups. It will also have extra paper towels and toilet tissue. All these items that are sometimes taken for granted. This box should also include any jewelry that you have.

4. Set up your utilities.

Call the power and water company to get the necessary electricity and water to your home for cooking and for unpacking late at night. This will also check one thing off your checklist and make it easy to work around your home. All your other utilities like wifi, television service and others will also come in handy.

5. Check all your light bulbs and switches.

Orient yourself with your light switches. What switch works which light, garage disposal, or fan will help you get acclimated to your new home. While you are checking these switches, make sure all the bulbs are working well. If you have burnt bulbs, then add this to your list as you head out for your grocery store run.

6. Review your inventory of items when the movers arrive.

The movers will arrive and you will need to direct them to where each box is to be deposited in the home. Marking boxes before your leave your previous home will help with this process. Also refer back to your inventory to make sure everything has arrived to the new home. This inventory will also help you know what has arrived undamaged as well. Nothing worse than finding your great aunt’s dining table damaged

7. Get your essential appliances out.

If you are a coffee lover or cannot live without your morning smoothie, make sure your coffee maker and blender are out and ready to go. Whatever your favorite things are, kitchen appliances that help you make quick little meals will help you feel comfortable in your new home.

8. Make the beds.

Labeling your boxes will help you quickly find your bed linens. A good night’s sleep will help alleviate the stress of moving. With your bed linens in one box, you can quickly find them and make all the beds immediately. Making everyone’s first night in your new home relaxing.

9. Find all the main controls.

When the furniture is not quite in the house, it is a great time to find the water main, review hot water heaters, and learn where your HVAC units and furnaces are. It is also good to know where your circuit breakers are, as well as, any outdoor controls for landscaping or lights. You will know where these controls are in case something does happen, you can act quickly.

10. Set up a home maintenance schedule.

Caring for your new home may be different than your previous home. So establishing the beginnings of a home maintenance schedule will help you also understand more about your home. A home maintenance schedule will help you learn more about your home and help you identify which questions to ask about your new home to keep it running smoothly.