5 Easy DIY Room Divider Ideas

Whether you need to make the most of the space you now have or you want to create a fresh look for your home, room dividers are a versatile, inexpensive choice. 

Room dividers allow you to:

  • ⬣ Turn a single-use room into a multi-purpose one
  • ⬣ Create the illusion that a room has more square footage than it does
  • ⬣ Allow you to have a separate, private space without the expense (and mess) of adding one or more walls.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on room dividers. Check out these 5 room dividers for ideas on how you can make one (or more) for your living space!

1. Frosted Glass Room Divider

5 Easy DIY Room Ideas
Image courtesy: IKEA Hackers

As with many things DIY, an IKEA hack can help to create this look.

Using IKEA’s PAX wardrobe with frosted glass doors, you can create a room divider that works well in most standard rooms, stretching from floor to ceiling.

They slide on tracks, making them easy to install, however, because you’re using a large piece of furniture this divider could cost you anywhere from seven to one thousand dollars.

Cost savings tip: Look on freebie or thrift sites for possible substitutions that can do the same thing.

2. Rolling Room Divider

Room Divider
Image courtesy: In My Own Style

Roller casters, paint, hinges and “thrift store find” doors combine to create a stunning room divider for less than $50 bucks. That’s a whole lot of style on a little bit of money.

This idea could work in a doorway like above or anywhere else you want to divide, such as splitting one large room into two.

3. Bookshelf Divider

Room Divider Ideas
Image courtesy: Homedit

Instead of pushing a bookshelf against a wall, place it perpendicular to create a partition. 

For safety, attach the bookshelf to the wall stud at the top and bottom using metal “L” brackets to prevent it from tipping over.

4. Flowing Metal Curtain

DIY Room Divider Ideas
Image courtesy: Cascade Coil

Fabric curtains work well as room dividers, but for a unique twist, why not use metal wire mesh, like this one from Cascade Coil? 

5. Chicken Wire Divider

Easy DIY Room Divider Ideas
Image courtesy: Homeroad

Whether your home decor is vintage, rustic, shabby chic or even eclectic, this room divider idea is a quick, inexpensive project that will suit nearly any look.

Other materials you can use for a frame like this include fabric, paneling, wood or even plexiglass to design a look that’s uniquely yours.

Which one will you try?

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