5 Easy DIY Room Divider Ideas

Whether you need to make the most of the space you now have or you want to create a fresh look for your home, room dividers are a versatile, inexpensive choice. 

Room dividers allow you to:

  • ⬣ Turn a single-use room into a multi-purpose one
  • ⬣ Create the illusion that a room has more square footage than it does
  • ⬣ Allow you to have a separate, private space without the expense (and mess) of adding one or more walls.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on room dividers. Check out these 5 room dividers for ideas on how you can make one (or more) for your living space!

1. Frosted Glass Room Divider

5 Easy DIY Room Divider Ideas
Image courtesy: IKEA Hackers

As with many things DIY, an IKEA hack can help to create this look.

Using IKEA’s PAX wardrobe with frosted glass doors, you can create a room divider that works well in most standard rooms, stretching from floor to ceiling.

They slide on tracks, making them easy to install, however, because you’re using a large piece of furniture this divider could cost you anywhere from seven to one thousand dollars.

Cost savings tip: Look on freebie or thrift sites for possible substitutions that can do the same thing.

2. Rolling Room Divider

5 Easy DIY Room Divider Ideas
Image courtesy: In My Own Style

Roller casters, paint, hinges and “thrift store find” doors combine to create a stunning room divider for less than $50 bucks. That’s a whole lot of style on a little bit of money.

This idea could work in a doorway like above or anywhere else you want to divide, such as splitting one large room into two.

3. Bookshelf Divider

5 Easy DIY Room Divider Ideas
Image courtesy: Homedit

Instead of pushing a bookshelf against a wall, place it perpendicular to create a partition. 

For safety, attach the bookshelf to the wall stud at the top and bottom using metal “L” brackets to prevent it from tipping over.

4. Flowing Metal Curtain

5 Easy DIY Room Divider Ideas
Image courtesy: Cascade Coil

Fabric curtains work well as room dividers, but for a unique twist, why not use metal wire mesh, like this one from Cascade Coil? 

5. Chicken Wire Divider

5 Easy DIY Room Divider Ideas
Image courtesy: Homeroad

Whether your home decor is vintage, rustic, shabby chic or even eclectic, this room divider idea is a quick, inexpensive project that will suit nearly any look.

Other materials you can use for a frame like this include fabric, paneling, wood or even plexiglass to design a look that’s uniquely yours.

Which one will you try?

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