Real Estate Agent gives the Closing Gift of HomeZada to Clients

closing giftMary Lou Galea, a realtor in St. Petersburg, FL found the perfect closing gift to provide her clients once they purchased their homes. She tested HomeZada to determine how it could help her clients manage their home moving forward. With the ability to take a comprehensive home inventory, store data like manuals and warranties, document multiple homes and jazz up a listing when the home is ready to sell, Mary Lou provides a digital home management tool to her clients.

HomeZada Professional enables realtors to extend their brand beyond the sale. Any real estate agent can showcase their branding in the system when the data and account are transferred to the client. This makes it easy for the client to reach their realtor if any questions arise once the sale is complete. For more information about Mary Lou’s experience, please visit Florida Realtor Magazine.

Using HomeZada Professional

Mary Lou uses HomeZada for specific tasks to help better engage her clients. She creates a rich listing with unlimited photos and information the property. This increase SEO on the property because each photos had the property address. She stores user and repair guides. No one wants this in hard copy anymore. With her rich listing, she created a home inventory for the new buyers to engage. She also stays in touch after the closing with her branding making her clients comfortable. She has definitely differentiated her brand.