Why Work With an Interior Designer?

interior designerHave an idea of what you want your interiors to look like but are overwhelmed by where to start?  There are thousands of choices and decisions to be made: carpet or hardwood, paint or wallpaper, bronze or silver.  What furniture or appliance will fit in my space, give me the look I want, and perform like I need? Working with an interior designer will help you tackle these questions faster and with greater confidence.  Experienced designers bring years of design education, training and exposure to help you make informed decisions, avoid costly mistakes and make your interior all that you want it to be.

Your interior designer is your advocate, helping you garnish appropriate resources be they local painters, contractors, or that sectional that fits just right into that tight space.  How many times have you started a project in one room only to get sidetracked by a great idea for another room?  Your interior designer will keep you focused on your goals and moving forward. Not sure what your style is but know you need a change? Again, look to your interior designer to ask many questions, take lots of pictures and measurements and present you a crafted design concept and plan that reflects your tastes and aspirations.

Guest Blogger:  Laura Neuman, PepperJack Interiors, http://pepperjackinteriors.com/