Getting Help and Hiring a Professional for Organization


Organizing your home takes time and sometimes help. The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) certifies organizations and individuals to help you with home organization. These companies can organize a room, a closet or even your whole home. These professionals also help with other forms of home organization. Many of these professionals can organize your paper and digital assets. There is no one way to organize your home. However, here are some helpful tips to use when trying to get organized.

  • – Determine how much storage you actually have.
  • – Keep what you need and eliminate waste.
  • – Break down organization into monthly projects or rooms. Using smaller projects will make you will feel less overwhelmed when organizing.
  • – Label your information and belongings so you can readily find it.
  • – Donate to the things you do not need anymore to worthy causes. By donating, you will receive a receipt indicating the donation for your tax records.
  • – For an organization project or complete home organization, hire a professional organizer.
  • – Take an inventory of the items around your home for better awareness of what is in your home.

Save Money, Manage Time

Getting organized will help you know where the items are in your home. But it will also help you understand exactly what you have in your home. Being organized also helps you save money. By knowing what you have and where, you will no longer spend money on items that you already own. It is frustrating when you buy something and realize that you already owned it.

With great home organization, you will eliminate wasteful time. Because you know where everything is, you will be able to find it quickly. Thereby reducing your time to search for items. Creating areas for specific items like keys will also help you get out the door quickly. You may never be late again with great organization.

Knowing what you own and where it is located reduces mental stress. Frustration gets pushed aside for organization.

To get organized, here are some more helpful hints by Apartment Therapy. Because this process may take a year, stay focused on the end goal to a totally organized life.