Common Garage Door Maintenance Issues

In the world of garage doors, there a few things that can actually cause some accidents or damage to cars or other items. These simple to fix and repair items can actually keep your family safe. Getting a head of these simple issues that could be potentially dangerous can help you understand how to care for your garage door today and long term for a well functioning garage door. Here are some of the most common garage door issues that are worth checking now.  Read More

3 Areas that can Benefit from Outdoor Lighting

outdoor lightingAs daylight becomes shorter and night time comes to us earlier, using outdoor lighting to illuminate pathways can give your home a beautiful glow, as well as, keeping people safe avoiding any areas that may cause a fall. Adding outdoor lighting starts with design and a deep understanding of your outdoor layout and how your property is used at night. Identifying how you could use your outdoor areas during shorter days will give you an idea of how best to light up specific areas.  Read More

Home Remodel Tip: New Window Blinds

HomeZada Remodel Tip New Window BlindsPrivacy, as well as, a good nights sleep are key uses for adding blinds to the windows in your home. Shading a room or managing the heat possibly getting into that room are some other uses of blinds. Whatever use or need you have for a blinds or window coverings, window blinds can serve both an aesthetic or design look, as well as, a functional purpose. There are many different styles of blinds to choose from including horizontal, vertical and even swing out models. Blinds made of wood, synthetic materials, metal or vinyl. A multitude of colors and looks like grain or solids or even fabric covered blinds. Whatever look you want in your home, the functional purpose Read More

Tips to Keeping Your Home Safe Against the Rain – Infographic

If you happen to be in the areas of the US that are experiencing heavy rains, you might be in a position to walk your home and check to make sure the rain will not do a lot of damage to your home. There are some tips you can take action on to avoid any further damage to your home due to rain and storms.  This infographic from Paragon Real Estate Group shows us how four simple tips can go a long way.  Read More

10 Tips for a Clean Home with Pets

cats_dogs_2Pets can be the apple of our eye and certainly become members of the family. However, pets like cats and dogs come with fur that shed and behavior patterns that are different than the human family members. Can we live with our pets and still keep a clean home? We can and here are some tips to help keep your home clean while living with your furry family members.

Vacuum and Sweep Often

If you have more than one pet or pets that shed quite a bit, it is good practice to vacuum your home often. Vacuuming at least once a week is good to avoid hair build up around your home. For hard surfaces, like tile or hardwood, you may not need to get the vacuum out every week and may be able to use a Swifter Read More