Six Tips to Get Your Garage Organized During National Get Organized Month

January is National Get Organized Month. These six tips will help you get your garage organized this winter. Step one, clear the clutter. Then, remove unwanted items that you no longer need. Before adding more to your garage, work with a clean slate. That’s right, remove everything. After you have cleared your garage, donate and drop off what you do not need.  Another step to organization is removing the unwanted items.

During National Get Organized Month, identify working areas of your garage. By identifying these areas, you now know what belongs where in your garage. Labeling your areas helps when knowing your work areas. By labeling items in specific areas, you can easily move around your working garage. You will also group like items together with this method.

To know what needs to get done, print out this page and hang it in your garage.


National Get Organized Month