Houseplants for the Home


Houseplant Care Houseplants are a great and a healthy way to add décor to your home. Houseplants give take in the carbon monoxide your expel and convert to oxygen which your home can benefit. Houseplants also give a natural element to your home. Taking care of houseplants depends on the type of plant or plants you place in your home. Some great plants that either tell you what they need or are easy to take care of are Peace Lily, Philodendrons , Ivy, Cacti, Pothus Spider Plants, Mother in Law’s Tongue or Snake Plant , the Chinese Evergreen.

Many of these plants need regular watering, so creating a routine of once a week and paying attention to the signs of how much water to provide by reviewing how they talk to you. Drooping leaves, brown leaves need more water, yellow leaves maybe need a little less water. Pruning these plants also are helpful in keeping the leaves full and the size of the plant under control. Refreshing the soil is something you can do about every 6 – 12 months and possibly an occasional repotting of the plants due to growth. It is also important to watch your light. Some plants need more light than others while too much light can actually burn the leaves of the plants. Get some helpful tips on houseplant care here.