HomeZada DIY Projects Tip 5: Shopping Analysis and Sharing

Home remodeling projects can oftentimes be overwhelming with the amount of details that make up the project. Many people struggle with what you want versus what you can afford with home projects. How do you allocate your money for the project? Should you spend more money on appliances and less on flooring and counter tops? If you buy the high end bath tub you really want, can you save money elsewhere on the project. And if you save money, will you still be within your budget? These types of questions are ones that many homeowners struggle with in seeing various aspects of the project big picture. We have some help as we look at DIY projects tip 5, shopping analysis and sharing. 

Shopping Analysis

HomeZada allows you to see all the high and low prices of your shopping choices before you even begin your project. It also allows you to make various preferred selections based on your project and its requirements. This way, you can see whether you are on budget starting and during the project. And if you are doing the bulk of the research, sharing that with your spouse can be a bombardment of individual emails or conversations.  Your spouse can login to HomeZada  per your invitation and see all your research in one spot! This video will show you how HomeZada can help in your decision making process of item selection.