Table Decor for at Home Dinner Parties

Entertaining at home can be so rewarding. Inviting friends and family who share your same interests in food, wine, and conversation to your home for a home cooked meal will see them appreciating what skills you have in the kitchen and how an intimate gathering can be as fun as a fine dining experience.

Whether you decide to cook the entire meal and have guest bring cocktails, or you have each guest bring a themed or seasonal dish to share with everyone. Creating an ambiance for the gathering can be done simply through table decor. Table decor can provide you with a great way to create a mood. If your dinner party is focused around the wine, line up a set of tasting wine glasses. What if you party is geography themed like India or Spain, try adding the spectacular colors from those regions to really highlight the flavors of the food.

If you want something simple, look to what you have in your cupboards to see if it can provide an easy environment to keep everyone relaxed.  Even mixing and matching your dinnerware will give a new feel for the dinner you guest are about to taste.  For some inspiration in your table decor, take a look at these tables.