They Can Do That? 7 Services You Didn’t Know Professional Organizers Provided

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Guest Blogger:  Jill Banks of NAPO

When people think of the services professional organizers provide, de-cluttering closets, setting up filing systems, creating time management strategies, or designing custom garage storage systems typically come to mind. But professional organizers specialize in many different areas. And can help overcome a variety of organizing challenges faced at home or at work.

Here is a list of some lesser-known services they offer:

  1. Specialty Moving & Relocation: Parents who are busy professionals turn to professional organizers to help when it’s time to  pack the kids up for summer camp or move their college student into his or her dorm room. Packing can be a stressful activity, especially when kids are involved. So hiring a pro lets parents spend more quality time with their kids before they go away. And helps college students get off to an organized start when living away from home for the first time.
  2. Organizing and Cataloging Collections: From photographs to memorabilia to wine, professional organizers who specialize in collections help catalog and manage items for insurance purposes, display, storage, or easy access.
  3. Blending Households: A professional organizer can help preserve household harmony when new spouses, step-families, roommates, or parents find themselves sharing living space, and need to find places for everyone’s stuff.
  4. Eco-Conscious Organizing: Everyone is more aware of humans’ effect on our environment. And for those consumers who actively try to reduce their overall impact, there are organizing professionals who specialize in sustainable ways to reduce clutter, organize, and reuse or recycle unwanted items.
  5. Technology Organizing: Setting up a new smartphone, keeping track of documents and files on home and work mobile devices, deciding which apps to use to help stay organized—tech-savvy professional organizers help the tech-challenged get the most out of their electronic devices.

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  1. Personal Assistant/Concierge Services: Professional organizers who also provide assistant or concierge services help busy people maintain control of their hectic lives by running errands, managing their schedules, and handling other routine tasks.
  2. Medical/Legal Office Organizing: Establishing effective filing systems, chain-of-custody protocols, and document retention policies is vital to successful case management and protecting sensitive and confidential information. A professional organizer experienced in medical or legal organizing can help improve office efficiency and maintain client privacy.

All of these services have an impact on the mental stress and time. By using professional organizers to help in these areas, time can become more manageable and therefore reducing stress.