Maintenance Tip: Check Roof and Gutters for Ice Dams

HomeZada Ice DamsThere has a been a lot of snow across parts of the United States this year and living in climates where there is snow and temperatures that get below freezing can cause different risks to our home. Ice Dams are some of the risks that can occur during cold temperatures.  Ice dams form on your gutters and roof and generally occur after heavy snowfall followed by really cold temperatures. Ice dams that build up can cause serious damage including destroying gutters and eaves which ultimately can cause water leaks in your home’s exterior walls or attic. Making sure your walls are protected will prevent ineffective insulation and thus increased utility bills and mold and mildew problems which can lead to damage, rot or an unhealthy environment. It is important to be diligent and prevent them from occurring, but safety is a key element when attempting to solve the problem. Sometimes it may be better to call for a professional to help but if you are up to the task, here is some tips on removing ice dams.

How to remove ice dams

This is a dangerous job as it requires climbing onto your roof in the winter time which is why so many people will hire a professional company to do this project. With roof work, you risk falling and causing serious bodily damage and with cold and icy roofs, it is important to pay attention to what you are doing.  Using a steamer to melt the ice is the main piece of equipment remove your ice dames. This steamer is similar to a pressure washer but will heat the water in order to melt it.

While on your roof, use the steamer to melt the ice enabling you to remove chunks of ice.  It is good to keep anyone near the home outside away from the roof area where ice will be falling.  You can use a hose hooked up to a sink with a hose adapter using hot water to do the same trick.  Be careful not to stand directly beneath the roof while you are using this tools because this ice could eventually fall on you while you are try to remove the ice and cause injury.

Try to stay warm during these cold weather days.