How to Choose the Right Garage Window Coverings for Your Home

Sarah had always been proud of her well-organized garage, but there was one problem she couldn’t ignore any longer. 

Every time she pulled into her driveway after dark, she felt exposed. The bare garage windows allowed passersby to see everything inside, from her expensive tools to the birthday presents she’d hidden from her kids. 

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How to Maintain Your Deck Railing

Railings are not just a crucial safety feature of every well-designed deck; they can improve the appearance of your home.

Read on as we explore the importance of deck railing maintenance and provide essential tips for keeping your railings in top condition, regardless of their material.

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Beat the Heat: Essential Tips for Keeping Your Home Cool and Safe

Warming temperatures can signal the start of lazy summer days spent poolside or soaking up the sun at the beach, but there’s another side to the building heat, too. Unfortunately, the mercury isn’t the only thing that rises in the summer. Your home cooling bill and the risk of sickness or injury due to heat exposure increase as well. Here are 13 ways to stay safe and cool in your home, no matter how scorching it gets outside.

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From Stainless Steel to Cast Iron: Caring for Your Kitchen Sink

Keeping your kitchen sink shining may seem simple, but is your cleaning process damaging your sink’s life and beauty?

Whether you have a sleek stainless steel sink or a classic porcelain one, it’s important to consider the sink’s material when cleaning it to keep it looking its best.

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How to Freshen Up Your Mailbox

When it comes to curb appeal, it’s all about the details, and one such detail is your mailbox.

This trusty box has seen countless birthday cards, graduation announcements, and sales flyers for your favorite stores…shouldn’t it get some love for all it’s done for you?

Often overlooked, a worn-out mailbox draws attention to itself – in a not-good way -and it’s also one of the first things visitors see when they approach your home.

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