10 Hidden Areas in Your Kitchen that are Really Dirty

Courtesy: 4 Sisters CleaningSpring is in the air and spring cleaning is tops on some people’s lists. Knowing that, we often forget about some areas in the kitchen that need a really good scrubbing. Without proper cleaning, bacteria can develop in areas around our kitchen. Yuck! So we decided to share some tips that you might want to think about cleaning to keep your home healthy and safe for the entire family.

1.  Clean out your garbage disposal

Clean your garbage disposal with baking soda or ¼ of a lemon. This will remove odors and help eliminate any food stuck to the inside of the disposal.

2. Change your sponges regularly

Sponges and dishrags have bacteria that builds up from cleaning. Using bacteria filled sponges only creates more problems for what you thought might be clean dishes.

3. Clean out your dishwasher

Clean out your dishwasher with dishwasher cleaner or white vinegar. Using white vinegar to clean the inside and the sides of the dishwasher will keep your system purified. Not to mention, your dishes will sparkle. And give your dishwasher a sparkle in addition to removing bacteria.

4. Clean your blender

Take a part your blender and clean all of it. The connections at the base of your blender need to be taken apart to clean out the pieces of leftover food. Yes, I know many people do not think to take apart the blender. But you might be surprised at the build up of food and mold that you might find.

5. Clean your microwave

Using a bowl of white vinegar and water, steam your microwave and then wipe down the inside. This will help you remove odors in your microwave, as well as, clean it.

6. Rinse your coffee pot

Using white vinegar, rinse your automatic coffee pot. Coffee pots generally have hot water and grinds running through them that can create stains and build up.  Running a cycle through white vinegar will help remove some of the stains and create a cleaning method that will be efficient.

7. Out with the old, in with the new

Get rid of old utensils that you are not using anymore. This especially applied to wooden utensils. If you have wooden utensils that are old and stained, it might be time to move the old out and bring in the new.

8. Clean your can openers

Clean your can openers. Can openers can have left over food from opening all the containers. This will create more dirt and bacteria that can be transferred to other products when you are opening them. These dirty can openers can make you and your family sick.

9. Clean the frig

Using spring cleaning to clean out your refrigerator and taking it a step further by getting rid of old or expired food. This is a great way to remove moldy food that might be in the back of your frig or just get ride of expired foods.

10.Clean your stove fume hood

Get down and dirty and clean out your fume hood that is associated with your stove. Grease builds up in these vents or fume hoods. It is important to clean these areas not only because of the dirt but because excess grease can cause fires when you are cooking.

Many overlooked areas in the kitchen that are germ filled and dirty are your cooking utensils. Utensils like can openers and garlic presses. Cleaning these items is key to making sure you do not contaminate your food. Giving your kitchen a deep clean will remove odors, bacteria and dirt and will result in keeping your family healthy!