3 Areas that can Benefit from Outdoor Lighting

outdoor lightingAs daylight becomes shorter and night time comes to us earlier, using outdoor lighting to illuminate pathways can give your home a beautiful glow. Additionally, keeping people safe from a potential fall. Adding outdoor lighting starts with design and a deep understanding of your outdoor layout. Also, know how your property is used at night. Identifying how you could use your outdoor areas during shorter days will give you an idea of how best to light up specific areas. 

Front Entries

When welcoming guests to your home, lights give the feeling that your home is approachable. Adding lights to your doorway and along the pathways or steps to your home will also get visitors to your front door safely. Front entry lights can be turned off and on from inside your house and when you are expecting people to your home. While pathway lights can be added to a timer system and set to shine when night and the darkness arrives. If you do have steps to your home, it is best to make sure your steps can be clearly seen prior to guests reaching your doorway so they can safely make their way to your home.

Back Patios or Decks

You may find that even at night and in winter, the weather is clear enough that you can use your outdoor patios or decks. You may need a coat or a fire pit, however, getting outside for some fresh air can be refreshing in winter. Wall lights or flood lights can easily illuminate these areas and provide a lot of light to help everyone see what they are doing. Getting around safely can also occur when you add lights to posts or poles that support lights that can illuminate the area. These lights can either be tied to switches or set to timers like other outdoor lights. Using added candles at a table will also help create ambiance and give people the opportunity to see each other when they are in conversation.

Sport and Game Areas

Sport and game areas is where without the proper lighting can cause some tricky situations. Sporting areas require visibility in order to actually participate in the sport or game. If you are a die hard basketball fan or a corn hole fan, you definitely need light to see which basket and which hole the ball and bag needs to go in order to score points. Using flood lights and other mounted house lights can help allow the family to engage in a friendly game of pick up and actually keep score. You may have large trees nearby that can also hold mounted lights that can sign down on the areas.

These three areas can continue to be used at night as winter comes with the proper lighting and visibility.