Q&A with Harrisburg Home Inventory Owner, Anthony Will

Harrisburg Home Inventory LogoMany people wonder what a home inventory professional is and what they do to help homeowners better understand what they own in their home. Harrisburg Home Inventory and its owner, Anthony Will decided to help us understand the role of a home inventory professional and how it can help you in times of need. Harrisburg Home Inventory is a home inventory services company that provides digital home inventories to homeowners and businesses that are looking to document their assets to show proof of ownership in case of disaster, theft or other unforeseen situations. Harrisburg Home Inventory also provides estate planning home inventories. Anthony Will, owner of Harrisburg Home Inventory, is experienced in moving often and worldwide with an extensive military background. Anthony’s extensive moves lead him to his current path of wanting to help clients become knowledgeable about what they own. His abilities throughout his military career involved supporting technical solutions and teams while also understanding the human aspect of getting the job done.

HomeZada: What inspires you? 

Anthony Will: Entrepreneurship! Helping People! Educating people! Having a working retirement plan after the military and having a flexible work schedule that allows me to spend time with my family! Making new lifelong friends through clients and networking with other businesses!

HZ: What is the first thing you notice when you walk into a home?

Anthony: Unless there is an elephant in the room, I am looking at the project management elements from the front yard to the back yard and everything in between. When doing an estimate of services on-site, I have to take pictures and notes as quickly as possible to get the necessary information to provide an accurate estimate. However, I do love when a homeowner stops and starts telling stories. Learning about the pieces in the home and how they were acquired are personal stories that can make a client comfortable while you are walking around their home! Not to mention, you learn more about a client and what they value when you take the time and listen!

HZ: What is the first thing you would tell someone who is looking to work with your company?

Anthony: Welcome! Let’s chat on the phone or go and get some coffee and get to know one another, first. The feedback I get from my clients is they have to feel comfortable with you before inviting you into their home. As an inventory professional, I am reviewing the details of their personal life, sometimes for a few days touching their personal property in order to properly document it. Clients want to feel comfortable with their inventory professional. As a military man, I cannot go into a home with my strict military demeanor and expect any level of comfort. I have to be able to adapt to the property owners quickly and easily, or they hire someone who can!

HZ: Who are the types of people that could use your services?

Anthony: Homeowners, businesses, estate and family law attorneys, insurers and their adjusters, collectors, appraisers, estate managers, resort managers, landlords and realtors who provide property management services, auto shops, and off road racing teams. My company has the ability to document homes, businesses, equipment and power sport equipment. The use of documentation of personal property is limitless for those who have assets that they want to protect.

HZ: What are the reasons homeowners would consider getting a home inventory?

Anthony: To provide proof of what you own in your home or business if you are in the process of crafting a will or estate planning, providing information to you insurer to review coverages and ensure you are covered properly, if you are collector, and to have accurate knowledge of what you own for your own awareness.

HZ: What is a result of having a home inventory?

Anthony: Peace of mind! Knowing that in an event of a loss YOU have documented proof of your possessions, and all the necessary information to provide your insurer when the time comes.

HZ: What is your one quick tip that any homeowner can do to get the process of securing a home inventory started?

Anthony: First, search for home inventory providers in your area, or ask your insurer to refer one to you and make contact. Using an home inventory provider can take the burden off of your to complete this task. Inventory professionals are trained to understand how to conduct a proper home inventory. If you are a do-it-yourselfer go to www.homezada.com and download the free app and start taking photos and documenting each room in your home, and the outside of your home as well. If you have any questions I am always available to help no matter where you live.

HZ: What’s one thing in your home you couldn’t live without and why?

Anthony: My coffee pots! Both the Keurig and the Black & Decker coffee machines! I love making coffee first thing in the morning!!! It kicks my day off to the great start!!

For more information on Harrisburg Home Inventory or to connect with Anthony, please visit www.harrisburghomeinventory.com or https://www.linkedin.com/in/harrisburghomeinventory