How to Choose Home Security Systems

canstockphoto11064079-1024x768Guest Blogger: Heather Roberts

A lot of us will leave on a holiday each year to blow off some steam, relax and live a little with a well deserved rest and avoid having to deal with chores and house cleaning. What we do leave behind however are quite a few of our personal possessions that may be at risk without good locks and proper home security.  Thankfully security systems have seen a really nice increase in potential security systems you can take advantage of.  The main problem with most security systems of course remains.  People often tend to forget quite a few things and that only leads to gaps in security thieves can take advantage of. The following examples and tips will give you more information on the subject so you can make things work without messing up in the process:Ask the police to do a cruise of your home every once in a while if you live in a high crime area. Patrol cars do their job anyway, so sometimes just showing nearby can be a powerful deterrent to potential would be thieves. You could also see about hiring a security company to get the job done for you so they will keep watch over the property.

You should also see about having the neighborhood watch list keep an eye on your home as well. It never hurts if you trust each other and you believe they can do that for you. You could also ask a close friend to keep watch and to check up with your home every so often, such as feeding your pets, taking your mail and so forth.

Ask for a security company to check out and assess the home for potential security flaws and how to address them. You will need to have the absolute minimum of a burglar alarm when you’re out o town. You can also give them your phone number for emergency situations. If the alarm gets tripped you will be notified. You can also work on installing fake cameras that may not be connected to a CCTV terminal, as these will also help deter potential thieves with their mere presence.

Make sure your motion detectors are working before you leave and ensure they can’t be set off by moving curtains or small pets, but only by larger objects such as intruders.

Close all your doors and double check the locks. Make sure you assess and fix any cracks in your windows, your doors and lock the garage doors well. Install bars on your sliding doors to prevent them from being easily open.

If you have a cleaning service performing regular carpet cleaning or home cleaning in general, you should hide your valuables in a strongbox in a well-hidden location in your home. Although most cleaning companies are trustworthy, this does not mean that every employee can be perfectly moral in their doings. Ensuring you have your possessions covered will make it harder for anyone working for the cleaning company from finding them in the first place. It never hurts to be extra safe with your irreplaceable valuables.

You should also make sure your home has that lived-in look. What we mean by that is setting up automatic light timers so you can adjust to the day and night cycle. Having those on may easily fool any would be burglars that someone is currently at home in combination with the other precautions taken.

Heather Roberts is a freelance guest blogger from London, UK. Currently she writes on behalf of trustworthy London end of tenancy cleaners. She has many published articles on various topics such as carpet and upholstery cleaning, home organizing, patio cleaning and gardening