7 Surprising Places to Hide Your Valuables from Thieves

A bank safe deposit box is a great option for storing your valuables, however it’s not the most convenient choice if you want access to your possessions outside of business hours.

The obvious alternative then, is to keep your items in a safe at home.

But unless you’ve got the same security system as your bank, you’re potentially leaving your valuables at risk if you store them in a place where thieves might search.

After breaking into your home, experienced thieves will routinely look in places with the most potential of finding valuables that are easy to carry and offload for cash.

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How to Choose Home Security Systems

canstockphoto11064079-1024x768Guest Blogger: Heather Roberts

A lot of us will leave on a holiday each year to blow off some steam, relax and live a little with a well deserved rest and avoid having to deal with chores and house cleaning. What we do leave behind however are quite a few of our personal possessions that may be at risk without good locks and proper home security.  Thankfully security systems have seen a really nice increase in potential security systems you can take advantage of.  The main problem with most security systems of course remains.  People often tend to forget quite a few things and that only leads to gaps in security thieves can take advantage of. The following examples and tips will give you more information on the subject so you can make things work without messing up in the process: Read More

Upcoming Hurricane Sandy … Preparedness

During this very challenging time when Hurricane Sandy is on its way to touch land, our HomeZada team Hurricane Sandyfelt we wanted to remind everyone of hurricane preparedness.  It is very important to take precautions during this hectic time to prepare for what could be. This post first ran months ago but timeliness is important. To everyone potentially effected by Hurricane Sandy, please stay safe.



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