How to Make Your Porch Stand Out

porchPorches are a fantastic way to invite passersby into the home or to view what an a amazing home you have. If you have a porch, then it is time to sweep up the fall and winter debris, add touches of flowering plants and refresh your sitting areas.

Here are some tips that can help you have the most stand out front entrance to make your neighborhood proud!

Sweep it Off 

By cleaning your porch, you can determine what you need to make a big impression. Sweep up the deck, rinse off and wipe down the furniture, and even wipe off your door. Time to clean your windows inside and out. And also clean out any pots to help get ready for some new plants.

Make it Comfortable

If you have a seating area, like a swing, a rocking chair or even a bench, then add the a great cushion to make it comfy on the bum. Even adding a table to hold a tasty drink on a hot summer day. Or this table can hold a book that lets you escape into the story on an nice summer evening.

Dressing it Up

A refresh of a door with a coat of paint, an update of door hardware and a fun new doorbell can bring a great dramatic look for any visitor. Even adding some really cool and standout house numbers can add new flavor or design to your porch.

Sprucing it Up

Spring is in the air and it is time to add some beautiful flowers to your pots. These flowers can frame your entrance or door. Flowers can help define a front porch. With flowers, you can give your front entrance a welcoming style. Flowers can also add color to a very simple porch that has subtle color.

These tips are four of many that you can use to make your porch glorious this time of year. Here are a few more tips that can add flair to your front porch and entry.

Enjoy your front porch whether your are relaxing, entertaining or escaping into a into a world though a novel of your choice!